Ooma Meetings makes it easy to collaborate with colleagues, coworkers, and customers. With crisp audio and high-quality video, you will feel almost as though you're all together in the same room. Better still, Ooma Meetings runs natively on popular platforms without requiring any additional downloads or plugins.

Ooma Meetings can be hosted by pro and pro plus users. Anyone can be invited to participate in an Ooma Meeting, even if they don't have an Ooma account.

There's plenty of flexibility to meet your needs. There are several different meeting types to suit a variety of different use cases. An Ooma Meeting can support up to 25 participants, or up to 100 for Ooma Pro Plus hosts. Meetings can last up to four hours, or up to 12 for Pro Plus hosts. Pro Plus hosts can even record and download meetings for future reference.

Whether you're hosting an Ooma Meeting or you've been invited as a participant, the articles below will help you get started.