Ooma Office includes a full suite of features to grow with your small business while supporting its communication needs. The articles below will help you set up and use the powerful features that are part of Ooma Office.

Account and Business Features

    Unlimited domestic calling
    Unlimited calls to mobile phones and landlines in the United States, Canada, Mexico, and Puerto Rico are free. Learn more.

    Virtual Receptionists
    Use one or more Virtual Receptionists to automatically direct incoming calls, play important messages like your business location and hours, and more. Learn more.

    Complimentary number porting
    Maintain your business's identity even after switching telephone carriers by porting all of your numbers to Ooma free of charge. Learn more.

    Conference line
    The conference line is able to host up to ten simultaneous conference rooms that can accommodate a maximum of ten participants each. Learn more.

    Virtual fax
    Users can send faxes electronically using the Ooma Office web portal, and receive faxes to their own personal fax number as email attachments with virtual fax. Learn more.

    Ooma Office web portal
    Create a professional first impression with a virtual receptionist that can automatically answer and redirect incoming calls with separate menus for business and non-business hours. Learn more.

    Ring Groups
    Ring Groups can help to route your calls by department or function. Phones can ring simultaneously or one at a time, and you can choose where the call goes next if no one in the Ring Group answers. Learn more.

    Music on Hold
    Share information about your products, play out favorable reviews and testimonials, or give your customers music to listen to while they wait with Music on Hold. Learn more.

    Transfer music
    Give your customers an informative or musical wait instead of the traditional ring tone while you transfer their calls with transfer music. Learn more.

    Extension MonitoringMonitor the status of another Ooma Office user's extension and perform actions like three-way phone calls, incoming call intervention, and more at the touch of a button. Learn more.

    Intercom CallingDial an Ooma Office extension and have the receiving device automatically answer via speakerphone. Learn more.

    Call Blocking
    Block anonymous callers and unwanted phone numbers from reaching your Ooma Office account. Learn more.

    Call forward when devices are offline
    Automatically forward calls to a user's cell phone or landline when their Ooma Office devices are offline. Learn more.

End User Features

    End User Portal
    Each user has his or her own login to the End User Portal so that they can manage their extension preferences. Learn more.

    Ooma Office mobile app
    The Ooma Office mobile app allows users to make and receive calls, manage their extension preferences, and more from their smart phone. Learn more.

    Ooma Business Texting
    Send and receive text messages from your business phone number through the Ooma Office mobile app. Learn more.

    Private voicemail
    Every user extension comes with its own voicemail box that supports a personalized greeting. Learn more.

    Call waiting
    When an extension is already in use and another call comes in, users will hear the traditional call waiting beep. Learn more.

    Three-way conference calling
    Users can take advantage of three-way conference calling to conference two callers together without using the conference server. Learn more.

    Call hold
    Users can place an active call on hold to dial out to a new number or when a second call comes in. Learn more.

    Music on Hold
    Ooma Office supports attended and unattended call transfers to user extensions. Learn more.

    Call Park
    Parking a call places an active call on hold in a user-defined parking spot, so it can be retrieved by any user who knows the parking spot. Learn more.

    Call Flip
    Call Flip allows a user to move an active call between user devices (e.g. from their desktop phone to the Ooma Office mobile app, or vice versa) without interrupting the call. Learn more.

    Call Recording
    Once Call Recording has been enabled by an account administrator, calls will be recorded so they can be replayed later. Learn more.

    7-Digit Dial
    When you're dialing local numbers, 7-digit dial allows you to dial the number without entering the area code first. Learn more.

    Call forwarding
    Incoming calls to a user's extension can be forwarded to a cell phone or landline phone number with call forwarding. Learn more.

    Last call return
    Last call return allows users to quickly and easily return missed calls. Learn more.

    Caller-ID blocking
    Users may take advantage of caller-ID blocking to make anonymous calls. Learn more.