Call Queuespro plus are a tool for managing incoming calls to offer the best customer experience possible. More powerful and feature-rich than a Ring Group, Call Queues allow you to control the customer experience from beginning to end.

A Call Queue comes with its own extension and, if you’d like, its own direct phone number. An Ooma Pro Plus account can have up to 15 Call Queues. Each queue can hold up to 25 calls at a time. Comfort music can be played to calls that are being held in the queue. Ooma offers several default music options, or you can upload your own.

Call Queue agents can have a status of Ready or Not Ready. Calls in the Call Queue will be delivered to the next Ready queue member in the order they were received. There are two call delivery options to choose from:

  • Round Robin, where incoming calls ring idle group members in extension number order, starting with the lowest extension, and then loop back to the first extension on the list
  • Most Idle, where the call will go to the queue member whose phone has been idle the longest

If a call is not answered, it will move on to the next available representative. If no one is available to answer the call, you can send it to the Call Queue’s voicemail box, to another extension, or to a pre-recorded message that will terminate the call.

Once a call is complete, the queue member can be given up to five minutes to wrap their call up and prepare for the next one.

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