The table below summarizes the features in the Ooma Basic and Ooma Premier service tiers to let you see the available features at a glance. To check your current service level, visit the Account Services page in My Ooma.

Feature Basic Premier
standard features
Free U.S. or Canada calling (depends on country of purchase)
Expanded free calling zone to U.S., Canada, and Mexico  
Free in-network calling
Call waiting
Call logs
Call return (*69)
Call hold
E911 service (where available)
Ooma PureVoice™
Online account management with My Ooma
411 calling
International calling
Premium phone number (Puerto Rico, Alaska, Hawaii) *
Standard voicemail
One-touch voicemail access
Remote voicemail retrieval
Do not Disturb  
Send to Voicemail  
Voicemail Monitoring  
Voicemail Notifications  
Voicemail Forwarding  
Caller-ID blocking (*67)
Enhanced Caller-ID  
Anonymous Call Blocking  
Custom call blocking  
Suspected spammer call blocking  
Known spammer call blocking  
Contacts-only calling  
Ooma Home Phone app app
Unlimited domestic mobile app calling
Receive incoming calls on mobile app  
Call Forwarding  
Backup Number  
connected home
Google Voice Extensions (Telo Base Station only)  
Nest Alerts  
Connect with iOS  
Connect with Android  
Connect with Philips Hue  
Connect with LIFX  
Connect with WeMo  
Connect with Google  
Connect with Dropbox  
Connect with Amazon Alexa
advanced features
Contact List (Telo Base Station only)
Ooma HD Voice calling
Custom Ring Patterns  
Enhanced Call Waiting  
Instant Second Line™  
Three-way conference calling  
Personal Number  
Personal Devices  
911 Alerts
Support for Ooma Bluetooth Adapter (Telo Base Station only)
Support for Ooma Wireless Adapter (Telo Base Station only)
Support for Ooma HD3 Handset (Telo Base Station only)
Support for Ooma Linx (Telo Base Station only)
Support for Ooma Safety Phone (Telo Base Station only)  

Indicates that additional fees apply
* Indicates that fee is waived with annual Premier subscription


Upgrade to Ooma Premier for less than $10 per month in order to have access to more than 20 industry-leading features. If you purchase an annual subscription, we’ll even include a free gift to show you our appreciation. Upgrade now by visiting the Account Add-Ons page of your My Ooma account!