Ooma Premier is a package of premium calling features that make your home phone fit your lifestyle. Many of these features are unique to Ooma, and all of them are designed to make your home phone work better for you. Once you’ve had a taste of Ooma Premier, might just wonder how you ever lived without it!


These advanced calling features are the heart of your Ooma Premier subscription. We’ve designed them to help you make the most of your Ooma telephone by seamlessly expanding your service to places no home phone has ever gone before.

enhanced caller id

Enhanced Caller-ID

Basic caller-ID gives you the incoming phone number and any information you've saved in your Contact List, which is ideal for calls from friends and family. When you receive incoming calls from numbers you don't know, however, our enhanced caller-ID can be a real life saver! We'll look up incoming phone calls in a national caller-ID database so you can always tell who's calling. Learn more.
enhanced call waiting

Enhanced Call Waiting

If you've ever experienced the frustration of waiting on a call while someone else is on the phone, then Enhanced Call Waiting is the answer you've been waiting for. When the phone is in use and a second call comes in, the person on the phone will still hear the beep -- but all of the other Ooma phones will ring as well. Learn more.
instant second line

Instant Second Line™

In a busy household, all too often you find that two people want to use the phone at the same time. Eliminate those squabbles with the Instant Second Line. Whether it's an incoming call or an outgoing one, the Instant Second Line lets two people be on two different phone calls at once -- all without needing a second phone number. Learn more.
three way conference calling

Three-Way Conference Calling

Including a third person in the conversation is a snap with our three-way conference calling feature. Whether you're conducting a business meeting or having a casual group chat with several friends, three-way conference calling will keep you connected. Learn more.
backup number

Backup Number

Even if your Internet or power goes out, you'll never miss a call. If we can't contact your Ooma device, we'll simply forward incoming calls to your backup number. Learn more.


When it comes to privacy for your home phone, you can never have too many options. Ooma has a variety of features designed to make sure the phone isn’t constantly ringing with people you don’t want to talk to. You can set up your phone to automatically filter out the calls you don’t want to take, giving you more time to chat to the people you actually want to hear from.

personal blacklist

Custom Call Blocking

Sometimes, there are people that we simply don't want to speak with. By adding those numbers or caller-ID names to your custom call blocking list, you can make sure that they are unable to connect with you via the phone. You can even choose what happens to blocked calls (anywhere from sending the caller to voicemail, to sending them to a "number disconnected" message). Learn more.
expanded blacklist

Suspected Spammer Call Blocking

Suspected spammer call blocking taps into a national database of over 800,000 known robocallers, telemarketers, and phone spammers. This third-party database is constantly being updated with new entries, making it harder than ever for unwanted spam telephone calls to reach your home telephone. Learn more.
community blacklist

Known Spammer Call Blocking

Known spammer call blocking will automatically shut down phone numbers that the Ooma community has widely identified as being sources of spam or nuisance calls. If a large number of people have blocked a number, Ooma will confirm that it's a legitimate source of spam and then add it to the list of known spammers to make sure that no one else in the Ooma community is bothered by callers from that number again. Learn more.
anonymous call blocking

Anonymous Call Blocking

Anonymous Call Blocking gives you the option to tell people who wish to remain anonymous that you'd rather not hear what they have to say. All incoming calls without caller-ID information will either be diverted to voicemail, or to a pre-recorded message that will let them know that you're not interested in speaking to strangers. Learn more.
contacts only calling

Contacts-Only Calling

When you want to shut down calls from people who you don't know, turning on Contacts-Only Calling can give you the pace that you deserve. All incoming calls from numbers that aren't on your contact list will be diverted to voicemail or to a message of your chosing. Learn more.
do not disturb

Do Not Disturb

When you're busy or simply want to be left alone, a ringing phone can be the last thing you want to hear! With the Ooma Do Not Disturb feature, you can send all incoming calls straight to voicemail with just the push of a button -- much easier than going around the house turning off the phone's ringers! Learn more.
voicemail monitoring

Voicemail Monitoring

If you're not certain what a caller wants, it can be difficult to decide whether to pick up the phone. With Voicemail Monitoring, you can wait until the call goes to voicemail, and then decide whether you want to pick up the phone after you hear what the caller has to say! By default, all incoming calls that go to voicemail will be played aloud over the speakers of any Ooma devices you have. Learn more.
enhanced caller id

Enhanced Caller-ID

Basic caller-ID will give you the incoming number of the person who's calling. If you'd like more information, Enhanced Caller-ID may be the answer you're looking for. Before the call connects, we'll run the number through a national phone database, allowing us to show the name and phone number of the incoming call on your phone's caller-ID screen. Learn more.


You don’t spend all of your time at home, so why should your home phone? Many of our Ooma Premier features have been designed to keep you in touch with your home phone, even while you’re on the go.

call forwarding

Call Forwarding

If you know you'll be away, you'll no longer need to worry about missing important calls. Call Forwarding gives you the option of forwarding all calls straight to another number, like your cell phone. Your home phone will never ring, so you'll never need to worry about someone else intercepting your calls. Learn more.


With Multi-Ring, incoming calls to your home phone line can simultaneously ring your cell phone. Whether you're out and about or spending the night at home, your calls will find you wherever you are. Best of all, you won't need to remember to forward your phone when you're away -- it's already taken care of! Learn more.
Ooma Home Phone app

Receive Calls on Ooma Home Phone app

The Ooma Home Phone app app allows you to take advantage of your smartphone's 4G or Wi-Fi connection to make and receive calls with your Ooma account. With unlimited outgoing calls to the U.S. and Canada as well as free incoming calls for Ooma Premier subscribers, the Ooma Home Phone app app can be a great way to stay connected on the go while helping keep your cell phone bill in check. Learn more.


Isn’t it time your voicemail became more than just a message-taking service? Our premium voicemail features will add a new dimension of functionality to our standard service.

voicemail notifications

Voicemail Notifications

Have you ever called home just to check if you have an important message waiting for you? With voicemail notifications, you'll never have to wonder again -- each new message will trigger a text message or email notification to let you know you've got a message waiting. Learn more.
voicemail forwarding

Voicemail Forwarding

Take voicemail notifications to the next level and enjoy the convenience of listening to your voicemail directly from your e-mail. We'll attach an audio file of the voicemail message when we send Voicemail Notifciations to your email address. Learn more.
send to voicemail

Send to Voicemail

Need to take a message for someone else? Why fumble for a pen and paper when you can transfer a live call to voicemail by pressing the "Envelope" (envelope) button any time after you say hello. There's no sticky note to lose, either! Learn more.


The home telephone has been a household standard for decades. With Ooma, you can finally personalize your home phone in ways that have never before been dreamed up.

private devices

Private Accounts

Split your Ooma into two separate phone lines. Choose a second number from any calling area in the US and set it up so that it only rings specific extensions and rolls to a separate voicemail box. You can give your kids their own phone line, or separate your personal phone from your home office. Each new number even gets its own My Ooma login to allow further customization! Learn more.
personal phone number

Personal Phone Number

Do your loved ones call you from out of state? Extend the benefit of free calling to them! Ooma Premier comes with a free second phone number. Pick one from their calling area so you'll just be a local call away! Learn more.
send to voicemail

Send to Voicemail

If you're not comfortable sharing voicemail messages in a family pool, Ooma can help you maintain your privacy. Set up one or more personal phone numbers, and each will come with its own voicemail box. You can set up individual passwords, custom greetings, and much more. Learn more.

Connected Home

The future is here! Connect your Ooma Telo Base Station or Phone Genie with a variety of devices and services to enable new functionality and automation. The possibilities are endless!

google voice extensions

Google Voice Extensions (Telo Base Station or Phone Genie Only)

Seamlessly integrate your Ooma Telo Base Station or Phone Genie with your Google Voice account to combine the best of both services. With Google Voice Extensions, you can bypass the menus for many Google Voice features and access them directly through your home phone. Learn more.
Dropbox integration

Connect With Dropbox

Link your Dropbox and Ooma accounts to automate all of your home telephone recordkeeping. You can maintain an up-to-date record of who has called you recently, and even save all of your voicemail messages for future use. Learn more.

Exclusive Extras

If you’ve ever wanted to be a VIP, then Ooma Premier is your chance! You’ll receive all kinds of special perks, just for being a member.

free calls US Canada Mexico

Free Calls to the U.S., Canada, and Mexico

The benefit of free domestic calling has now been extended to the U.S., Canada, and Mexico (including Puerto Rico) for Premier subscribers. Learn more.
free gift

Free Gift

We truly value our Ooma Premier subscribers. As our way of saying "thank you" for enrolling in an annual subscription, we'll send you a free gift! Learn more.
first in line

Be First in Line

Do you like being in the know? Ooma Premier subscribers are frequently given sneak peaks at upcoming Ooma features. You'll learn about our up-and-coming projects before the rest of the Ooma customer base.