Ooma Business Texting lets you use the Ooma Office mobile app, Ooma Office Manager End User Portal, or the Ooma Office desktop application to send and receive text and picture messages from your Ooma Office phone number.

  • Texting with the mobile app and Ooma Office Manager is included for all Ooma Office customers on the $19.95 service tier. You can text with any iOS or Android device that can run the Ooma Office app, or from any desktop computer as long as the web browser is logged in to Ooma Office Manager.
  • Texting with the desktop application PRO is available for Ooma Office Pro subscribers.

Before you get started with Ooma Business Texting, your business must be registered with The Campaign Registry (TCR), a reputation authority for business messaging that was created to reduce sources of spam. Registering with TCR legitimizes your business as a credible source of communication and prevents your messages from being blacklisted by new industry regulations.

Once Business Texting is enabled on your account, the texting experience on your cell phone is similar to texting with your phone’s native app, except that Ooma Business Texting uses data to send and receive text messages so these messages don’t count against your monthly limits. If you’re using the desktop application or Ooma Office Manager, Business Texting is like chatting on social media. You can send messages to any phone number in the United States or Canada that is capable of texting.

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