Ooma Business Texting lets you use the Ooma Office mobile app to send and receive text messages from your Ooma Office phone number. It is included for all Ooma Office subscribers on the $19.95 service tier, and is available to users who have ported in a phone number as soon as that phone number has been transferred to Ooma. You can text with any iOS or Android device that can run the Ooma Office app.

All you need to start texting with Ooma Office is an Internet connection or a mobile data plan and the Ooma Office app. The experience is similar to texting with your cell phone’s native app, except that Ooma Business Texting uses data to send and receive text messages so these messages don’t count against your monthly limits. You can send messages to any internal extension with a local phone number and to any external phone number in the United States or Canada that is capable of texting.

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