Ooma Business Textingpro lets you use the Ooma Office mobile app or the Ooma Office desktop application to send and receive text and picture messages from your Ooma Office phone number.

You can text with the mobile app, Ooma Office End User Portal, and the desktop app. The number of messages your account can send and receive depends on your account level. Add-on plans are available for purchase if your texting activity exceeds the complimentary amount.

Before you get started with Ooma Business Texting, your business must be registered with The Campaign Registry (TCR), a reputation authority for business messaging that was created to reduce sources of spam. Registering with TCR legitimizes your business as a credible source of communication and prevents your messages from being blacklisted by new industry regulations.

Once Business Texting is enabled, you’ll find that it’s simple to use. If you’re using the mobile app, it’s just like any other texting platform. If you’re using the desktop application, Business Texting is like chatting on social media. Business Texting is available to customers located in the United States and Canada. It can be used to send messages to any phone number in either country that is capable of texting. Ooma even offers a widget that you can use to integrate Business Texting right into your website!

Ooma Business Texting unlocks the following features:

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