Select IP phones support wireless configuration, allowing you to enjoy even more flexibility in your Ooma Office setup. Many Ooma IP phones and some Yealink IP phones come with built in Wi-Fi capability. You can add Wi-Fi integration to select other Yealink phones with the Yealink Wi-Fi Dongle adapter, which can be purchased in the Ooma Office Store.

If you have a phone that can be installed wirelessly, you can add it to your office’s network in a few different ways:

The connection methods that use Ooma Office Manager can only be performed by the account admin. These methods require the phone to be plugged in to a hardwired Ethernet connection during their initial setup. Once the phone is configured, it can be placed anywhere.

The connection method that uses the phone’s keypad to enter the Wi-Fi credentials manually can be performed by either the account admin or a user. The phone does not ever need to be plugged in to a hardwired Ethernet connection to complete the setup process in this way.