Virtual Receptionists make it easy for your customers and business associates to get crucial information or to reach the right person when they dial your company. A Virtual Receptionist lets you create a schedule that can send calls to the Virtual Receptionist’s menu, directly to an extension, or directly to an extension’s voicemail depending on the time and day. If you choose to use the menu option for the Virtual Receptionist, you can assign a different function like direct transfers or played announcements to each button on the phone. You can also transfer calls directly to an extension. This gives you many different options to make the best possible connection with your incoming callers.

When you create your Ooma Office account, your first Virtual Receptionist will be automatically set up to answer calls to the main number. Your default setup includes a text-to-speech voice greeting personalized with your company’s name. You can press 1 to connect to the corporate directory and 0 to reach your first extension’s voicemail.

As your company grows, you may wish to add additional Virtual Receptionists for different departments such as Sales or Accountingpro. These secondary Virtual Receptionists can be linked from the Virtual Receptionist at the main desk, creating a multi-level system that will help customers reach the correct department by navigating through a phone menu. If your business has multiple locations, you can set up a Virtual Receptionist that is specific to each one.

For even greater flexibility, Ooma Pro Plus subscribers can configure up to five schedules to assign to Virtual Receptionistspro plus. They can also set up a separate holiday schedule instead of using the after hours schedule on holidayseap.

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