As you grow your business, it’s important to continuously reach out to prospective new customers. Sometimes this is achieved by purchasing lists of potential customers and cold calling through them. An outbound auto dialer, sometimes called a call list, can help you go through such lists more quickly and productivelypro pluseap.

Ooma Pro Plus subscribers can currently upload one auto dialer list with up to 5,000 contacts at a time. Once a list has been uploaded, users can interact with the list in several ways:

  • Automatically calling prospects one at a time
  • Resuming automated calls if the list has been paused
  • Calling individual prospects
  • Filtering the list to find specific prospects and contacting them individually or as a filtered calling list

The call list module contains the following information about each calling list:

  • Contact info – The prospect’s phone number and name (if available)
  • Called – The number of times the prospect has been called
  • Last called – The last date and time the prospect was called
  • Disposition – The outcome of the previous contact attempt
  • Notes – Any notes that have been left by agents
  • Actions – Quick actions, like calling an individual prospect

A list that has been called to completion cannot be automated again, but individual prospects may still be contacted manually and filtered lists can still be used to automate calling.

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