If your business deals with booking slots, appointments, reservations, or similar, then the Online Bookingspro plus feature is just what you need. Enabling this feature lets users do the following:

  • Share available calendar time slots with others to help with meeting scheduling
  • Send automated scheduling reminders and confirmation notifications
  • Automatic time slot updates from integrated calendars

To use Online Bookings, a user must have an integrated Microsoft or Google calendar with read/write access enabled. When the calendar is connected, the user can create a booking page with preset details for upcoming meetings such as a title, duration, time horizon, and more.

calendar booking slots

Each booking page has its own link that can be shared with invitees. Using the link allows invitees to open the page with the Ooma user’s up-to-date calendar. An invitee can find a timeslot in the and book in a meeting.

The following articles will help you to learn more about Online Bookings and how to use them: