Giving Ooma access to contactspro in your Google Workspace or in Microsoft Office 365 is a seamless process that has big benefits to you! Instead of manually adding contacts to your personal directory, you can simply grant access to up to 2,500 contacts on another site with just a few clicks.

Once you have granted access to the directory of your choice, the Ooma Desktop app and Ooma Office Manager will treat your contacts similar to the way it treats your personal directory. When Ooma can match a number to one of your integrated contacts, it will display the contact’s name in both the Desktop app and in Ooma Office Manager. You can search your integrated contacts by name and initiate calls, texts, faxes, and emails.

When you set up contact integration, you will also have the option to give Ooma access to your calendar. By doing this, you’ll be able to view your external calender events right from Ooma Meetings. The calendars will sync both ways, so when you create a new Ooma Meeting it will appear on your external calendar and new appointments on your external calendar will appear in Ooma Meetings. You can even join meetings on Ooma or any external platform.

Keep in mind that granting Ooma access to an external directory like Google or Outlook does not give Ooma permission to edit, download, or save any information about your contacts. Ooma will never store this information on our servers, and you can disconnect this feature at any time.

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