Ooma Office Pro Pluspro plus offers an easy way to keep connected and build relationships with customers while working inside CRM applications. Once integration is enabled, agents will enjoy the automation of many aspects of customer interaction within their CRM. They will be able to:

  • Initiate calls directly within their CRM application
  • Preview customer information on their screen for incoming and outgoing calls
  • Create automated records of calls

Agents can focus more on customers and less on switching between applications on their computer.

Ooma Office integration is currently available for the following CRMs:

  • Salesforce Lightning; Essentials, Professional, Enterprise and Unlimited Salesforce editions
  • Microsoft Dynamics 365: all Unified Interface applications
  • Zoho
  • Freshdesk

Setting up CRM integration will typically require an account admin to enable the feature in Ooma Office for both the account and for individual users. There is further configuration that must be done within the CRM.

Choose a topic from the list below to get started integrating your CRM with Ooma:

First steps include enabling CRM integration for your Ooma Office account:

Then, choose your CRM: