One-way audio is an issue that can occur if you have a special network configuration with a firewall that restricts application ports on the inside, or private side, of your network for outbound traffic. Firewalls are typically on by default for inbound traffic. No special modifications are required to allow that traffic through.

If you are experiencing one-way audio, you may have a firewall on your router or modem that prevents certain Ooma traffic from going through. You can verify that you are running into this problem by connecting a computer to the LAN (ATA) or LOCAL NETWORK (Base Station) port, or to the PC port of the IP phone. Leave the device you are testing connected to the Internet.

Use the computer to verify that you can reach a public website such as or If the connection to a public website is successful, you may have a firewall blocking the service ports Ooma needs. You will need to configure your firewall policies to allow the data and voice ports that Ooma requires.

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