If your business already has an overhead paging system installed or could benefit from such a setup, Multicast Paging with Ooma Office allows you to integrate third-party paging systems into your telephone setup. Overhead paging allows you to simultaneously communicate information to many users. Common ways that these features may be used include:

  • Broadcasting announcements, like the arrival of a visitor
  • Locating a team member to assist a waiting customer
  • Letting an employee or department know there’s a parked call waiting for them
  • Emergency notifications

Multicast Paging doesn’t require its own Ooma Office extension. Phones that will be used to make announcements on the overhead paging system must have a programmable button configured with Multicast Paging function. When the button is pressed, Ooma Office opens a one-way connection to the overhead paging speaker. The following IP phones are compatible with the Multicast Paging functionality:

  • All Ooma desk phones
  • Yealink T21P
  • Yealink T23G
  • Yealink T27G
  • Yealink T31P
  • Yealink T33G
  • Yealink T41S
  • Yealink T48S
  • Yealink T48U

You will need an adapter for interoperability with third-party overhead paging systems. The adapter serves as a gateway between the third-party paging system and your Ooma Office phones. It can be purchased from any reputable seller, including Amazon. Note that Ooma does not carry these adapters in its store.

The following paging adapter models are currently supported:

  • Snom PA1. This device provides sufficient functionality for most Ooma customers.
  • Algo 8301 Paging Adapter and Scheduler. In addition to third-party paging system integration, this device can also function as a scheduler for automated bells, tones, announcements, and music.

You can also add compatible IP phones to the multicast paging group. These phones will broadcast announcements simultaneously with your third-party paging system.

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