Ooma Office does not directly support having multiple email addresses receive Virtual Faxes. The instructions below will help you set up an indirect method of achieving this:

  1. Create an email distribution list, which automatically rebroadcasts emails it receives to a list of email addresses. The distribution list should be populated with the company email addresses that will receive incoming Virtual Faxes. Email distribution lists are supported by most email providers, but you may need to look up how to do this using your specific email provider.
  2. Follow the instructions here to set up Virtual Fax for the extension that will be used by multiple users. Use the address of the email distribution list as the email address that will receive Virtual Faxes.
  3. The email distribution list will automatically resend incoming Virtual Faxes to all the email addresses that have been included in its list.

If you choose to use an email distirbution list, please note that any voicemail that is left for this extension will also be sent out to all of the email distribution list’s recipients. You can update the settings for emailed voicemail notifications by following the instructions in this article.