Ooma Office is compatible with a wide range of devices that can be used to expand your setup. The following devices are compatible with Ooma Office:

Grandstream HT812 or HT814 ATA device

Purchased directly from Ooma, the Grandstream HT812 or HT814 ATA device has either two (HT812) or four (HT814) analog phone ports on the back. Learn more: HT812 or HT814.

Ooma Office Base Station

The Ooma Office Base Station has one analog phone port on the back of the device and can connect wirelessly with up to four other Ooma DECT devices. Learn more.

Ooma Linx

An Ooma Linx device connects wirelessly with the Ooma Office Base Station, and can support an analog phone or fax machine. Learn more.

Analog phone

Analog phones can be purchased from most major retailers. They connect to the Ooma Office Base Station phone port, or to the phone port on an Ooma Linx device. Learn more.

IP phone

Ooma Office sells select models of IP phones that connect via hardwired Ethernet or Wi-Fi, depending on the model. These phones generally have large screens and are perfect for employees who handle large call volumes. Learn more.

Mobile app

The Ooma Office mobile app allows users to make and receive phone calls, transfer calls internally, check their voicemail, and update their preferences on the go. It is available for iOS and Android. Learn more.

External phone number

Forwarding calls to an external number such as a cell phone or a landline allows work calls to come through no matter where the user is. Learn more.

Fax Machine

An analog fax machine can be connected to any Ooma Linx device or to the phone port of an Ooma Office Base Station. This device cannot be assigned to a user; a fax machine will have its own extension that is optimized for faxing. Learn more.

A user must have at least one device assigned to their account, but additional devices can also be added. Only one device of each type can be assigned to a user.

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