It’s important for employees to be able to connect with one another and with frequent contacts from outside the company as quickly and easily as possible. The Ooma Office Company Directory and Shared Speed Dial features work together to make it simple for many Ooma Office users to make work calls at the touch of a button.

The Company Directory is a list of all the company’s internal extensions. All extensions are included in this list by default, but the company’s account administrator can remove numbers if necessary.

The Shared Speed Dial is a customized phone book of up to 1,000 contacts that is available to everyone in your company. Use it to store the contact information for anyone that your company works with frequently. Companies often add customers, vendors, contractors, or remote employees – anyone whose number wouldn’t be available in the Company Directory by default.

When the Company Directory and the Shared Speed Dial are both set up, users can enjoy easy, direct-dial access to those contacts from all supported Yealink IP phones.

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