When it comes to privacy for your home phone, you can never have too many options. Ooma has a variety of features designed to make sure the phone isn’t constantly ringing with people you don’t want to talk to. You can set up your phone to automatically filter out the calls you don’t want to take, giving you more time to chat to the people you actually want to hear from.

personal blacklist

Custom call blocking

Sometimes, there are people that we simply don't want to speak with. By adding those numbers or caller-ID names to your custom call blocking list, you can make sure that they are unable to connect with you via the phone. You can even choose what happens to blocked calls (anywhere from sending the caller to voicemail, to sending them to a "number disconnected" message). Learn more.
expanded blacklist

Suspected spammer call blocking

Suspected spammer call blocking taps into a national database of over 800,000 known robocallers, telemarketers, and phone spammers. This third-party database is constantly being updated with new entries, making it harder than ever for unwanted spam telephone calls to reach your home telephone. Learn more.
community blacklist

Known spammer call blocking

Known spammer call blocking will automatically shut down phone numbers that the Ooma community has widely identified as being sources of spam or nuisance calls. If a large number of people have blocked a number, Ooma will confirm that it's a legitimate source of spam and then add it to the list of known spammers to make sure that no one else in the Ooma community is bothered by callers from that number again. Learn more.
anonymous call blocking

Anonymous Call Blocking

Anonymous Call Blocking gives you the option to tell people who wish to remain anonymous that you'd rather not hear what they have to say. All incoming calls without caller-ID information will either be diverted to voicemail, or to a pre-recorded message that will let them know that you're not interested in speaking to strangers. Learn more.
contacts only calling

Contacts-Only Calling

Enjoy our strictest privacy setting turning on Contacts-Only Calling to automatically divert calls from numbers that are not on your contact list. All incoming calls from numbers that you have not identified as a contact will be diverted to voicemail or to a message of your chosing. Learn more.
do not disturb

Do Not Disturb

When you're busy or simply want to be left alone, a ringing phone can be the last thing you want to hear! With the Ooma Do Not Disturb feature, you can send all incoming calls straight to voicemail with just the push of a button -- much easier than going around the house turning off the phone's ringers! Learn more.
voicemail monitoring

Voicemail Monitoring

If you're not certain what a caller wants, it can be difficult to decide whether to pick up the phone. With Voicemail Monitoring, you can wait until the call goes to voicemail, and then decide whether you want to pick up the phone after you hear what the caller has to say! By default, all incoming calls that go to voicemail will be played aloud over the speakers of any Ooma devices you have. Learn more.
enhanced caller id

Enhanced Caller-ID

Basic caller-ID will give you the incoming number of the person who's calling. If you'd like more information, Enhanced Caller-ID may be the answer you're looking for. Before the call connects, we'll run the number through a national phone database, allowing us to show the name and phone number of the incoming call on your phone's caller-ID screen. Learn more.