The telephone is a time-honored way of keeping in touch. Whether your loved ones live across the country or across the street, we use the telephone to keep up on important life changes, and on the day-to-day trivialities. When your whole family shares a single telephone, it can be a constant source of frustration to find a time to take and receive the calls that are important to you. With that in mind, Ooma has rolled out a suite of family-friendly features designed to expand the boundaries of your telephone system to accommodate the unique demands of a multi-person household.

instant second line

Instant Second Lineā„¢

Experience all of the benefits of two phone lines without any of the potential drawbacks. The Instant Second Line allows you to use the phone, even if someone else is already talking! You don't have to distribute a second phone number or do anything different. Simply use the phone as you normally would. Learn more.
enhanced call waiting

Enhanced Call Waiting

Never again will you experience the frustration of waiting for an incoming call while another person is tying up the phone. With Enhanced Call Waiting, the person who's talking on the phone will still hear the beep -- but all of the other Ooma phones in your house will also ring to give others the chance to take the second call. Learn more.
three way conference calling

Three-way Conference Calling

If someone in your family has been blessed with the gift of gab, then sometimes it simply isn't enough to have just one person at a time on the phone. Expand your social circle by including a third person in your phone calls with Three-way Conference Calling. Learn more.
personal phone number

Personal Phone Numbers

Ooma Premier subscribers receive a second phone number as part of their subscription. You can give your kids their own phone number, or select a phone number that is local for long-distance loved ones. If two phone numbers aren't enough, for a small additional monthly fee you can subscribe to up to eight additional personal numbers. Learn more.
private devices

Private Devices

If your kids' cell phone bills are out of control but you don't want them tying up your home phone, then Private Devices may be the answer you've been looking for. Set up an Ooma device that's just for them, complete with its own phone number. They'll be able to configure their own calling preferences and maintain a separate voicemail account to give them the privacy they want. Best of all, you'll love the price -- it's all included with your Ooma Premier subscription. Learn more.
nest alerts

Nest Alerts

If an emergency happens at home, you'll want to know right away. With Nest Alerts, your home will automatically call you if your Nest Protect detects smoke or carbon monoxide, or if a child or elderly family member doesn't arrive home when they're expected. You can even connect directly to emergency personnel from your automated call and Ooma will send all of your home information to emergency responders. Learn more.