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The Yealink EXP20 is a user-friendly LCD expansion module for the Yealink T27G IP phone. It contains 20 dual-color programmable buttons. Each EXP20 button can be programmed to support essential calling functions such as Speed Dial, or Call Park. Up to six EXP20 Expansion Modules can be daisy-chained to a T27G phone for maximum capacity.

The EXP20’s expansive screen, added backlight, and dual-color LED buttons provide a rich visual experience, making it easier to access the required call functions when managing a large volume of calls.

Features of each EXP20 Expansion Module include:

  • 20 dual color, LED programmable buttons
  • 160 x 320 graphic LCD with backlight
  • A variety of graphical icons to visualize call functions such as Speed Dial or Call Park
  • Up to two EXP20 Expansion Modules can be powered directly by the Yealink T27G
  • Separate power supply (ordered separately) is required if using more than two EXP20 modules
  • Compatible with Yealink T27G IP Phone
  • Stand with two adjustable angles

Note that EXP20 cannot operate standalone and must be physically connected to a Yealink T27G IP Phone to function.

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