IP phones are the perfect choice for an employee who handles a high volume of incoming calls and whose workspace is located close to an Ethernet port. These phones must generally be plugged in to a power outlet or used with a Power Over Ethernet adapter. They have large screens to help visualize the use of features such as call transfers and soft keys to support one-touch functionality and dialing.

Ooma is compatible with select models of IP phones that are purchased directly through our site:

  • Yealink CP920: A hands-free speakerphone designed for conference calling
  • Yealink T21P E2: A two-line IP phone designed for low-to-moderate call volume
  • Yealink T23G: A two-line IP phone designed for moderate-to-high call volume
  • Yealink W56H and W60P: A base station (W60P) that can sync with up to four cordless handsets (W56H)
  • Yealink T27G and optional EXP20: A multi-line phone with the capacity for programmable buttons, designed for users who handle a high volume of calls
  • Cisco SPA 303: A three-line IP phone designed for moderate-to-high call volume
  • Cisco SPA 504G: A four-line IP phone designed for high call volume