Once one or more numbers have been successfully ported to Ooma, they will be automatically routed to the Virtual Receptionist. You may need to reboot all Grandstream ATA devices or Ooma Office Base Stations on your account and make one or more test calls to each number to ensure that they are set up properly.

Once all numbers that you have ported to Ooma ring through to the Virtual Receptionist, you can decide who receives calls from each one. To do so, follow the instructions in our article about phone number assignments.

If you would like to keep your temporary number permanently, you can contact Customer Care by emailing loa@ooma.com at any time during the number porting process to request that your temporary number be assigned as a permanent addition to your account.

Note: One phone number per extension is included in your monthly Ooma Office subscription. Each additional number will be billed at the standard rate that is outlined in our pricing chart.