Once you have initiated the porting process, the next step is up to your current phone service provider. One or more weeks after your porting request has been submitted, your current carrier will send you a Firm Order Confirmation (FOC) date. This will be the day your number will actually be ported to Ooma from your current phone company. You will receive an email from Ooma the day before the port occurs. Throughout the process, you can check the status of your number port in Ooma Office Manager.

When your phone number has been successfully ported to your Ooma Office system, a member of our customer support team will make a test call to ensure that the port was successful. Afterwards, Ooma will send you one more email to let you know that the process is complete.

Once your number has been successfully ported to Ooma, it will replace your temporary number as the default phone number for your Ooma Office account. Your temporary number will be retained in your account as a virtual number that can be assigned to any extension. Extra telephone numbers will be charged according to the rates in our pricing chart. You can contact Customer Care at any point by emailing loa@ooma.com to have your temporary number removed and released back into the pool of available numbers.

Once your number is successfully moved over to Ooma, you can call your old phone company to cancel your phone service. Say goodbye to your huge monthly bills!