The Settings page in Ooma Office Manager lets you manage your company’s connected extensions, users, phone numbers, and devices, as well as a variety of system settings. You can do the following in the Settings area:

  • Add new user, Virtual Fax, Ring Group, and Conference Line extensions
  • Add new local and toll-free phone numbers
  • Add new hardware devices
  • Edit system settings usch as caller-ID, local time zone, Hold and Transfer Music, and more.

The tab’s subsections can be used to manage the following features:


  • Search for a specific extension or filter your extensions by type, extension type, phone number, or location
  • Sort your extensions
  • Check information about your extensions
  • Manage your extensions’ settings


  • Search for a specific user or filter users by name, number, or location
  • Sort your users
  • Check information about your users
  • Manage your users’ settings

Phone Numbers

  • Search for a specific phone number or for the number(s) assigned to a specific user
  • Filter your phone numbers by type
  • Update which user each phone number is assigned to


  • Search for a specific device or filter your devices by device info, assigned user, device type, or location
  • Check information about your devices
  • Sort your devices


General Settings:

  • Update your company’s caller-ID name
  • Update your company’s local time zone

Music Settings:

  • Configure and update your company’s Hold and Transfer Music settings

Call Blocking Settings

  • Configure and update your company’s call blocking settings
  • Turn anonymous call blocking and the custom block list on or off
  • Edit the custom block list