The Account page in Ooma Office Manager lets you manage your account. You can update your billing information, port your phone numbers, review your account charges, and more. You can use the options located under this page to do the following:


  • Check and update your business’s name and your administrator’s information and address
  • Check and update your administrator’s information
  • Update your account password


  • Review your service information
  • Update your payment information
  • Check your billing history


  • Initiate a phone number port
  • Check on the status of an ongoing number port

Prepaid Account

  • Check the balance of your Prepaid Account
  • Add funds to your Prepaid Account
  • View international calling rates
  • Review your prepaid calling activity


  • Add new business locations
  • Update existing business locations
  • Delete business locations


  • Add new schedules
  • Search for a specific schedule or filter your schedules by type
  • Sort your schedules
  • Manage your schedules’ settings