Users who are using the Ooma Office desptop app or the Ooma Meetings desktop application to attend an Ooma Meeting can take advantage of the remote control feature. This feature is useful for scenarios like group presentations and tech support.

Important: The person whose desktop will be shared must be using the Ooma Meetings desktop application or the Ooma Office desktop applicaiton.

Requesting access to another user’s computer

  1. Hover over the sandwich button beside their name and click Start / Stop remote control.
  2. A message will be sent to the other user to request access to their machine.
  3. When the other user clicks Allow, you will have full access to their machine until they click stop_sharing.

Granting access for another user to remote control your computer

  1. When another user wants to use the remote control feature for your computer, you will see a message that tells you who is requesting access. Click Allow to proceed.
  2. Choose what part of your screen to share, then click Share.
  3. The other user will be able to control your screen until you click stop_sharing.