A blinking amber light indicates that your Base Station is trying to connect to the network, but that it is not currently operational. Please try the troubleshooting steps below to correct the problem:

  • Check that your Base Station is connected to the Internet by confirming that your network cables are plugged in securely. Verify that the TO INTERNET port is connected to your router or modem, and that the green LED at the top of the port is lit.
  • Make sure your Internet connection is working. You can do this by connecting a computer to the LOCAL NETWORK port of the Base Station and browsing to http://office.ooma.com. You should see the login screen for Ooma Office Manager. If not, troubleshoot your Internet connection.
  • Try rebooting your Base Station, modem, and router by power cycling the devices.
  • Verify that you have activated your Base Station as described in the Quick Start Guide (if applicable) so that it can register on the Ooma network. Try power cycling the Base Station.