Ooma Office supports many star codes that you may have used in the past. We have also introduced some Ooma-specific star codes to help make Ooma Office features accessible to phones of all types:

Code Feature Example sequence When to use
** Transfer call to an extension's voicemail Transfer softkey, **[ext], Transfer softkey On an active call
*40 Intercom *40[ext] Prior to dialing
*41 Call Park/Unpark Transfer softkey, *41[parking spot number], Transfer softkey On an active call
*44 Call Flip *44 On an active call
*67 Block caller ID for one call *67[phone number] Prior to dialing
*72 Enable Call Forward *72[external forwarding number] While phone is idle
*73 Disable Call Forward *73# While phone is idle
*74 Toggle Call Forward *74, then follow menu prompts While phone is idle
*98 Check voicemail *98[mailbox number][PIN] While phone is idle
Call Recording
*52 Start Call Recording
*53 Stop Call Recording