Ooma Office supports many star codes that you may have used in the past. We have also introduced some Ooma-specific star codes to help make Ooma Office features accessible to phones of all types:

Check voicemail remotely *98
Enable Do Not Disturb *78
Disable Do Not Disturb *79

Call Forward
Enable call forward to [fwd number] *72[fwd num]#
Disable call forward *73
Toggle call forward *74
Toggle call forward if no answer *77

Basic Calling
Redial last outgoing call *07
Redial last incoming call *69
Block caller-ID on one outgoing call *67
Unblock caller-ID on one outgoing call *82
Disable call waiting on one call *70

Call Park
Call Park in example spot 1002 *411002#

Call Flip
Call flip to all other devices *44

Call Hold
Put a call on hold *0
Take a call off hold *0

Call Transfer
Blind Transfer to ext 1002 *11002
Attended transfer to ext 1002 *21002
Retrieve call from failed transfer *0
Send call to voicemail of ext 1002 *81002 OR **1002

Conference Calling
Conference two calls together *3
Toggle mute in conference call **1
Turn mute on in conference call **2
Unmute in conference call **3

Call Recording
*52 Start Call Recording
*53 Stop Call Recording