One of the most important aspects of your business’s identity is the phone number or phone numbers that will be associated with it. With Ooma Office, you will receive a free main phone number for your business that is assigned to the Virtual Receptionist by default. You will also select a free direct phone number for each user that you set up.

You may need to select additional phone numbers in the following situations:

  • Each user account comes bundled with its own phone number
  • When Virtual Fax is enabled for a user, it comes with a free dedicated phone number
  • The Conference Line has its own phone number
  • Fax machine extensions have their own phone numbers
  • When you incorporate additional local and toll-free telephone numbers into your Ooma Office setup

You can review the pricing associated with each of these different situations in our pricing chart.

Ooma Office supports both local numbers and toll-free numbers. Local numbers have unlimited calling to the United States, Canada, Mexico, and Puerto Rico. Toll-free numbers include 500 minutes of free calling per month, and are charged at a rate of 3.4¢ per minute once that limit is exceeded. Ooma also offers toll-free calling plans for high-volume customers.

Once a telephone number is added to your Ooma Office account, it can be assigned to an extension. Extensions can have multiple direct access phone numbers. This means you can give your company a broader footprint with local telephone numbers from several area codes, or you can give your business a national presence with a toll-free phone number.

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