When you need to communicate information to several users at the same time, paging is the perfect way to go. You can create a Paging Group to page a specific department like sales or accounting.

Paging can increase the efficiency of communication, especially when announcements need to be broadcast to multiple people. It can also save your company time and money since it uses existing IP phones instead of requiring a separate overhead paging system to be wired in. Common ways that paging is used include:

  • Broadcasting announcements, like a treat in the break room
  • Letting a team know their visitor has arrived
  • Letting a department know there’s a parked call waiting for them

When a paging extension is dialed or the corresponding programmable button is pressed, Ooma Office creates a one-way connection with all the phones in the paging group. Since the connection is one way, people being paged won’t be able to respond. The connection ends when the page is complete. You can have up to 10 compatible IP phones in a single Paging Group.

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