Thanks to integration with NexHealth, users can now experience seamless access to patient information during incoming and outgoing calls in the Ooma Office desptop appeap. This integration lets healthcare practices prioritize delivering exceptional patient care without the hassle of searching for patient details during every call.

Leveraging the cutting-edge NexHealth Synchronizer technology, the caller’s phone number is effectively matched with the records stored in a Patient Management System like Dentrix, OpenDental, or Denticon. As a result, the following essential information can be readily displayed within the Ooma Office desktop app:

  • Patient information (name, gender, DOB, age)
  • Dates of previous visit and next scheduled visit
  • Outstanding balance (where available)
  • Status (active, inactive)
  • Dependents

Follow the steps below to integrate NexHealth with the Ooma Office Desktop Application:

  1. Contact NexHealth to install and enable NexHealth synchronizer. When installation is complete, NexHealth will provide you with two pieces of information:
    • Domain ID
    • Location ID

    You’ll need this information to proceed to the next step.

  2. Next, you’ll enable integration with NexHealth in Ooma Office.
    1. Log in to as an administrator and navigate to the Settings page.
    2. Navigate to System, and then to the Integrations tab.
    3. Go to the NexHealth tab and toggle Enable to ON.
    4. Enter the Domain ID and Location ID that were provided by NexHealth in Step 1, and then use the Edit members option to choose which users will be able to see patient information.
    5. Save your changes.

Anyone with the privilege to view patient information will now see matching records for incoming calls. If there are multiple matches, such as with a family, the user can choose the appropriate record.

For incoming calls, Patient information will be automatically displayed in the Ooma Office Desktop Application. For outgoing calls, the user can bring up patient information with the Patient Information button in the dialer.