When you need to collaborate with your coworkers, Ooma has got you covered with Office Team Chatpro plus.

team chat

You can use Office Team Chat to improve workplace productivity:

  • Share ideas, provide feedback, and collaborate on projects in real time
  • Support remote and distributed teams
  • Cut SMS costs for internal communication
  • Store business communication in a single, centralized place

Enabling Team Chat as an administrator

Ooma Office Team Chat will be available to all users once it’s turned on. The account administrator can enable Team Chat for the account by following these steps:

  1. Log in to office.ooma.com as an Administrator and navigate to the Settings option
  2. Go to the System section and locate the Team Chat tab
  3. Toggle the Enable Team Chat option and Save your changes

Once Team Chat is enabled by an account administrator, all users will have access to the feature within the updated Ooma Office Desktop App.

Using Team Chat

If an account administrator has made Teacm Chat available, you can access it by logging into the Ooma Desktop App and opening the new Team Chat module in the left navigation bar.

You can start new chats with up to 8 participants, or you can browse and continue existing chats.