If you have already established your business identity using an existing telephone number, it can be inconvenient to change to a new number when you change carriers. With Ooma Office, you have the option to keep your existing phone number or numbers when you say goodbye to your old carrier by porting them to Ooma for free. This will save you the time and hassle of giving your customers your new contact information, and eliminates the risk of customers being unable to contact you. In the meantime, you will be assigned a temporary number to use until your port is complete.

Porting is free for Ooma Office customers. Once your number or numbers have been ported to your account, they can be assigned to any extension. The first phone number that is assigned to any user is complimentary. Additional phone numbers will be billed at our standard rates, which can be reviewed in our pricing chart.

Porting a number can take several weeks, but you can start using Ooma Office with your existing phone number right away by forwarding incoming calls from your phone number to your temporary Ooma Office number. For more information on how to do this, please visit your current provider’s knowledgebase.

Important: Please note the following:

  • It takes an average of three to four weeks to complete the porting process.
  • Number porting is supported in most calling areas. You can check whether your current phone number can be ported to Ooma by visiting https://www.ooma.com/check-portability/.
  • If you have DSL Internet service, porting your number may disrupt your DSL service. If your DSL service is delivered on the same line as your phone service, you must separate these services before you initiate the transfer request. Ask your phone company for a stand-alone, or dry loop DSL connection.
  • If you are transferring some, but not all of your phone numbers, contact your phone company prior to initiating the porting process. You will need to work with your existing provider to set up separate accounts for the numbers you wish to keep and the numbers you wish to port. If you do not take this step, you risk losing all of your phone numbers when the porting process to Ooma completes.
  • If you want to port your phone number it is necessary to keep your existing business phone service until the process is complete. If you cancel your phone service prior to completing the porting process, you risk losing the number you are attempting to port to Ooma.

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