Users can make some changes to their email address and extension preferences through the End User Portal without an administrator’s assistance. If you find that you need to step in to assist a user in updating their personal information or their account, you can do so by following these instructions:

  1. Log in to as an administrator and navigate to the Settings page.
  2. Locate the user whose extension you will update and click the corresponding settings icon.
  3. Make any necessary updates.
  4. Click Save.

You can make changes to the following elements of a user’s extension:

Basic tab

  • Update first and last name
  • Change email address
  • Reset or manually override the user password
  • Change user’s location

Numbers tab

  • Change internal extension number
  • View extension phone number
  • View extension caller-ID
  • Update the area code for 7-digit dial

Devices tab

  • Add and remove devices assigned to the user
  • Enable or disable the mobile app

Voicemail tab

  • Enable or disable voicemail
  • Change voicemail pickup time/rings
  • Change voicemail PIN
  • Enable or disable voicemail to email notifications and corresponding preferences

Call Forward tab

  • Enable or disable call forwarding
  • Update call forwarding preferences

Features tab

  • Enable or disable Virtual Fax
  • Update Virtual Fax phone number
  • Enable of disable a user-specific Conference Bridge