If Virtual Faxing has been enabled on your account, you can send faxes via the End User Portal or the Ooma Desktop applicationPRO. To send a Virtual Fax, follow these instructions:

  1. Log in to the End User Portal at office.ooma.com/user and navigate to the Dashboard, or open the Ooma Desktop application.
  2. Click Send Fax.
  3. Begin typing the first recipient’s name or phone number in the Recipient(s) field. As you type, Ooma Office will automatically suggest contacts from your personal contacts, shared speed dial, and the company directory. You may add up to ten recipients for your fax, but please note that each will be sent one at a time. When you check your fax logs, you will see these faxes as individual lines.
  4. Attach one or more PDF files from your computer by clicking ATTACH or by dragging and dropping the files into the Send Fax modal. If there are multiple files, they will be sent as a single fax in the order you upload them. Your file(s) must meet the following requirements:
    • Maximum size of 10 MB for all files combined
    • Files are black and white (grayscale and color files will still be sent, but will be received in black and white)
    • File’s width is no greater than 8.5” (letter and legal formats are compatible, but landscape format is not)
  5. Check the Cover Page option to enable a cover page for your fax. You can enter Cover Page Notes for the cover page and you can edit the Sender Details and Footer fields. Preview the cover page by clicking the Preview Cover Page link.
  6. Click Send Fax.

The uploaded file will be sent as a fax to the destination phone number(s). You will be able to view the details in your Ooma fax logs.