As the account administrator, you can review all your company’s calls. This includes internal calls as well as incoming and outgoing calls from/to external numbers.

Follow these instructions to visit the call logs interface:

  1. Log in to as an administrator and navigate to the Dashboard page.
  2. A list of the most recent calling activity will be visible in the Recent Call Logs section. Click View More Call Logs for a more detailed breakdown.
  3. You can perform the following actions from the Call Logs interface:
    • Search for one of the options below. You will see the total number of results returned at the top of the page.
      1. Extension returns all internal calls to that extension as well as all outbound calls made by the user associated to that extension.
      2. Speed dial contact returns all inbound and outbound calls to that contact if the company has enabled shared speed dial.
      3. Phone number follows special formatting rules and returns all external calls to that phone number.
    • Click the View menu, where you can choose whether to view all calls or to filter to one or more of the following call types: incoming, outgoing, or internal.
    • Click the remote party’s phone number to return the call using the Click to Call feature.
    • Click the more_options button to download a record of your call logs as a CSV file (which can be opened in Microsoft Excel and other spreadsheet programs).

If you have enabled Call Recording PRO for one or more extensions, you can also use the call logs interface to listen to recorded calls.

  • Click play to replay a recorded call. This option will be grayed out if the call was not recorded.
  • Click download to download a recorded call. This option will be grayed out if the call was not recorded.

Ooma Office ProPRO account administrators will also see some additional information in their call logs. You can learn more in our Advanced Call Logs article. These customers can also see a breakdown of the company’s calling metrics. You can learn more in our Call Analytics article.