Texting, also known as SMS messaging, is a powerful way to communicate with customers, coworkers and others. Ooma Office subscribers with the Ooma Office Pro or Ooma Office Pro Plus plans have the option of adding SMS to their accounts at no extra charge.

To get started, call Ooma customer support at 866-939-6662 to request texting for your account.

The customer support team will send you a link to a registration page. Details on registration are below.

You will be notified when texting has been activated for your account, typically within 7 days of when you complete the registration form.

Please be aware that, due to upcoming changes in how the telecommunications industry manages SMS messaging, Ooma may need to change this process or collect additional information in the future without notice

How to Register for Texting

The telecommunications industry, including Ooma, is working together to prevent spam and other abuses of text messaging. Several of the largest carriers – including AT&T, T-Mobile and Verizon – formed an organization in 2021 called The Campaign Registry (https://www.campaignregistry.com/), or TCR, to verify the identity of businesses that use texting.

TCR requires service providers such as Ooma to have their customers complete a registration process to provide identifying information. Businesses that do not complete this process are at risk of having their text messages blocked.

TCR charges fees for registration and usage, but Ooma is currently not passing these costs along to customers. This policy could change in future.

Ooma’s registration page, which you access by contacting our customer support team, will ask you to enter the following identifying information:

  • Main number – the primary number of your Ooma Office account.
  • Company name – the exact name of your business as listed with the Interal Revenue Service or state business registration form.
  • Industry vertical – the type of business such as retail shop, accounting firm, restaurant, dental office, etc.
  • Company website – the URL of your company’s website. If there is no website, you can enter a link to your company’s page on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn or another social media site.
  • Legal form of corporation – the structure of your business. The choices are private, public, charity/non-profit or government.
  • Country of registration – the choices are the United States or Canada.
  • Address – the street address of your business, which must match IRS records.
  • Company Tax ID – the Employer Identification Number (EIN) or Taxpayer Identification Number (TIN) for your business. Customers in Canada can enter their federal or provincial tax number.
  • Company contact name – the point of contact for any questions from TCR.
  • Company contact email – the email address of the contact person.
  • Company contact phone – the phone number of the contact person.
  • Phone numbers of be enabled for messaging – a list of the numbers that for which you want to enable texting.

Next, you will be asked to provide information on how your company uses texting. There are four text boxes where you enter descriptive information:

  • Messaging Use Case
    • This is a short description of how your business plans to use texting.
    • Examples could be “internal messaging among employees,” “confirming customer appointments or deliveries,” “service announcements,” “promoting sales or new merchandise,” etc.
  • Call to Action Description
    • This is a description of how you will ask customers for permission to send them text messages and how you will let them withdraw permission.
    • An example would be “We will send customers a text asking them to reply YES to receive text messages from our company and, afer that, each message we send will include the wording ‘Reply STOP to unsubscribe’.”
  • Sample Message 1
    • This is an example of a message you would send to a customer, including opt-out language.
    • This could be “Your car is fixed and ready to pick up. Reply STOP to unsubscribe.”
  • Sample Message 2
    • A second example.
    • This could be “We’re offering $25 off the cost of an oil change for your car through the end of the month. Reply STOP to unsubscribe.”

Questions? Call Ooma’s customer support at 866-939-6662.