When you set up call forwarding, all incoming calls to your extension will be temporarily redirected to the number that you specify. You can turn call forwarding on and off at any time from a phone, or using the End User Portal.

The way that you will turn call forwarding on and off depends on the type of device you are using.

Analog phone, IP phone, Ooma DP1 desk phone, or mobile app

Turn call forwarding on

Pick up the phone and dial [*][7][2]. Wait for the prompt, and then enter the phone number that will receive forwarded calls followed by [#]. The system will confirm the number that you entered.

Disable call forwarding

To disable call forwarding from your extension and clear the information about the forwarding number that has been stored, pick up the phone and dial [*][7][3]. You will hear a message confirming that call forwarding is disabled.

Toggling call forwarding on and off

Once you have set up call forwarding for your extension, either through the extension phone or online, you can toggle it on and off. To do this, pick up the phone and dial [*][7][4]. Depending on the previous setting, you will hear a message indicating that call forwarding is now disabled or enabled.

End User Portal

You can learn more about configuring call forwarding and turning it on and off from the End User Portal by visiting our article.

Mobile app

You can toggle call forwarding on and off with the mobile app by clicking More in the app’s menu and then clicking Call Forward to update your preferences.