You can access a Ring Group’s settings by following these instructions:

  1. Log in to as an administrator and navigate to the Settings page.
  2. Locate the Ring Group that you’d like to manage and select the corresponding line.

Once you have gained access to the Ring Group’s settings window, you can update the following options on each tab:


  • Change the Ring Group’s name.
  • Prepend the Ring Group’s name to the caller-ID for incoming calls on desktop phones so the person answering the call can know its purpose prior to answering.
  • Toggle the Ring Group’s ringing mode:
    • Simultaneous Ring rings all phones in the Ring Group at the same time until someone answers.
    • Sequential Ring rings the phones of users will ring one at a time in the order you choose until the call is answered.
    • Hybrid Ringpro lets you create up to five subgroups. The phones in the first subgroup will ring simultaneously. The Ring Group will move on sequentially to the next subgroup until someone answers.


  • Add, remove, and reorder the group’s members.

Call Handling

  • Turn Call Screening on or offpro plus
  • Add or update an initial greeting that will play to the Ring Group’s callers.
  • Update how long the Ring Group will ring before the call either moves on to the next extension in the Ring Group (Sequential Ring) or rolls to the backup user or voicemail box.
  • Determine whether unanswered calls are transferred to a user extension or a voicemail box.
  • Choose the user whose extension or voicemail box will receive unanswered calls from the Ring Group.


  • Update the Ring Group’s internal extension number.
  • View the Ring Group’s direct dial number.