The Ooma desptop app can handle up to two simultaneous calls. These calls can be combined to create a three-way conference call.

Since the Desktop Application can only accept up to two calls at a time, it will ignore any additional calls you receive while you’re in your merged call. You also won’t be able to make any additional outgoing calls while you’re in a merged call.

There are two ways to merge calls together:

Add a participant to one active call

While you’re in an active call, go to Call Actions and select Add Participant. The initial call will be put on hold.

Dial the second participant’s number. When they pick up, use the MERGE button to combine the calls.

Merge two calls together

If you’ve already got one active call and one held call, use the Call Actions menu to select Merge Call

Break the calls apart

You can end the conference call with the HANG UP button. This will disconnect both calls.