Ooma Meetingspro keeps a record of meeting attendees for up to 30 days. The Meeting Host can check their Meeting Logs and copy this information to their clipboard by following these instructions:

  1. Go to the My Meetings page.
  2. Choose the appropriate tab (Recurring, One-time) to display the meeting you’d like to update. You can optionally use the search box to locate the meeting.
  3. Find the meeting you’d like to edit and select its sandwich button.
  4. Select View Meeting Logs.
  5. A window containing the meeting’s participants will appear. If you are checking the participants for a recurring meeting, use the Meeting Date dropdown menu to choose the correct time and date. Note that if a user leaves a meeting and returns later, they will appear on the Meeting Log list twice.
  6. Select COPY to copy the list of participants to your clipboard.