An extension will ring when the number that has been assigned to it has been dialed directly, or when the Virtual Receptionist redirects an incoming call to that extension. For most devices, answering an incoming phone call is as simple as picking up the phone.

Locate your device in the list below for more specific instructions on answering an incoming call.

Analog phone

You can answer a call by picking up the phone when it rings.

Ooma IP phone

Pick up the handset or press the Answer softkey or the speaker key when it rings.

Pick up the handset or press the speaker key when the phone rings.

Ooma DP1 desk phone

Pick up the handset while phone is ringing. If you would prefer to take the call on speakerphone, press the SPEAKER button.

Mobile app

If the app is running in the background when you receive an incoming phone call, you will receive an alert on your device that gives you the option to answer the call.