If you’d like to have Ooma Office ring an external number like your cell phone or your home phone whenever a user receives a phone call, you need to add a user external line to your user account.

You can add a new user external line by following these instructions:

  1. Log in to End User Portal and navigate to the Devices option on the Settings page. Alternatively, log in to Desktop App, select your name in the right top corner, then navigate to Settings and then Devices.
  2. On the Devices page, use the ADD menu to select External Line.
  3. Fill in user external line’s name and the number that will ring when the user receives a call. You can also select the Require key press on answer option, which will require the person answering the call to press 1 before the call comes through. Use this option if you’d like unanswered calls to roll to the Ooma voicemail instead of the external number’s voicemail.
  4. Save your changes.

Now that you have added a user external line, the number will ring along with the rest of your assigned devices.