Once you have integrated your external contacts pro, they will appear by name in various places in the Desktop app and Ooma Office Manager, just like your personal directory contacts.

You can find a list of your imported contacts in your personal directory, denoted by a google or an ms symbol. Filter your personal directory to only show imported contacts by using the View menu to select Google Contacts or Microsoft Contacts, whichever is applicable.

You can call right from your personal directory. You can also text or fax if those features have been enabled by your company’s administrator.

If you use Ooma Meetings, you will also be able to see your external calendar right from the Meetings interfaceeap. You’ll be able to check all your upcoming meetings and appointments, not just the ones hosted by Ooma. When you create new Ooma Meetings events, you’ll even be able to sync them to your integrated calendar automatically.

Since Ooma does not save any of the imported information, you cannot use Ooma to edit an imported contact’s information. If you would like to update an imported contact or add a new contact to your imported directory, you must make those changes in their native application. Any changes you make there will be reflected by Ooma shortly.