With Hot Deskingeappro plus, a user can temporarily log into any unassigned IP phone. When the user logs in, they can use that phone to make and receive phone calls as though it was their phone. A phone that is temporarily assigned to a user through Hot Desking will have the following features:

  • Incoming calls will ring to the Hot Desk phone in addition to the user’s other devices
  • Outgoing calls from the Hot Desk will show the user’s caller ID
  • The Hot Desk phone’s voicemail indicator will flash when the user receives a voicemail

A phone will remain assigned to the user in Hot Desk mode until it is manually disabled or until 2:00 am, whichever comes first. Once a phone has been logged in as a Hot Desked device, it is unavailable for another user to Hot Desk until it is logged out again. Before you may use Hot Desking, an account administrator will need to follow the instructions in this article to turn the feature on for your account.

Turning Hot Desking on

Find an unassigned, eligible IP phone and dial *50.

You will hear a prompt to enter your Hot Desk ID, which is your extension number. You will hear another prompt to enter your Hot Desk PIN code, which is your voicemail PIN.

When you hear a prompt saying that calls will now come to this device, you will know that Hot Desking is enabled.

Ending your Hot Desking session

From the Hot Desking phone or any of your assigned devices

Pick up the phone you are using for Hot Desking and dial *51. Your session will be terminated.

From an unassigned device

Dial *51. Enter your extension number when you are prompted for your Hot Desk ID. Your Hot Desk session will be terminated.