Until now, Ooma Office has been limited to 200 extensions to correspond to its limited extension range of 1000 to 1199. Now, the Flexible Numbering Plan removes most limitations from Ooma Office Pro PRO extension numbers. Users can now be assigned almost any extension from 1000 to 9999. That means more flexibility and as many user extensions as your company needs.

Here are just some of the uses our customers have found for the Flexible Numbering Plan:

  • Maintaining continuity by keeping existing extension numbers from a previous phone system
  • Using the last four digits of a user’s phone number as their extension number
  • Customers with multiple locations may use a numbering plan where extensions are numbered by location (e.g., Site 1 uses 1xxx, Site 2 uses 2xxx, etc.)

A few extension numbers are excluded from use in the Flexible Numbering Plan because they conflict with 911 and other similar services:

  • 9110-9119
  • 9211
  • 9311
  • 9411
  • 9511
  • 9611
  • 9711
  • 9811
  • 9911

To get started, simply start typing in your desired extension number anywhere in Ooma Office Manager that you would choose or update an extension. Select the number you want from the dropdown list when it appears. If it doesn’t show up, the extension is either one of the reserved numbers listed above or it is already in use.