Ooma Office Pro Plus userspro plus can use Find Me Follow Me to create rules that define how they would like to receive their phone calls.

For example, you could set it up so that your desktop phone rings first. If no one answers, you could then have the system ring the Ooma Office mobile app. This allows phone calls to “find you” without ringing all your devices simultaneously.

If the call isn’t answered after the final group of devices times out, you can choose what happens next.

You can turn on Find Me Follow Me by following these instructions:

  1. Log in to Ooma Office Manager, the End User Portal, or the Ooma Desktop app and navigate to the Call Handling page under the Settings category.
  2. Choose Ring devices in a specific order from the When I receive a call dropdown.
  3. Use the SELECT DEVICES button to open a new window where you’ll manage the order in which your devices will ring.
  4. Choose one or more of your devices to ring in the first rule by checking the box beside them. Use the dropdown menu to choose how long those devices will ring.
  5. Use the ADD RULE button to add a new group, where you can identify the devices that will ring and for how long. By default, this group will appear beneath the default group. You can update the order by dragging and dropping either group. Use the DELETE button to remove a group you don’t need.
  6. Save your changes when you’re satisfied with the order in which your devices will ring. This will close the popup window so you can continue to update your call handling instructions.
  7. If the call is not answered, you can choose what happens next with the Then send to menu. You can pick from the following options:
    • My voicemail will send the call to your extension’s voicemail
    • Another extension will send the call to the extension of your choice
    • Another voicemail will send the call directly to the voicemail of an extension of your choice
    • Busy tone will play an infinite buy tone until the caller hangs up
  8. Finally, select the If my phone is offline, forward it to external number option to set up call forwarding in the event that your extension is offline.