Sometimes it is important to connect two or more callers so that they can all be included in the conversation. Ooma Office has a few different ways to bring callers together:

Three-way call conferencing

Three-way call conferencing allows a user to join two calls that are on the same line together in an impromptu conference. This feature can be initiated by any user, regardless of the device that they are using. When the conference is complete, the user can break the call apart so that one caller remains on the active line while the other is placed on hold.

Conference Bridge within the Conference Line

For larger groups and scheduled meetings, Ooma Office comes bundled with a Conference Line that can support unlimited Conference Bridges. Once it is enabled by the account administrator, the Conference Line comes with a dedicated telephone number and extension number, making it easy for participants to dial in. Bridges are identified by ID number, can be assigned to a user for their personal use, and can be optionally secured by a PIN. Each Bridge can host up to ten participants for standard Ooma Office accounts, and up to 25 participants for Ooma Office Pro customers PRO.

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Administrating the Conference Line and Conference Bridges