Calls are an important means of customer outreach for businesses of all sizes, but particularly for smaller businesses. Accurate Call Logs and Call Analyticspro can help a business owner to visualize calling trends, which can be helpful in gauging productivity and in guiding decisions about staffing needs.

Call Analytics with Ooma Office allows the administrator to visualize calling metrics for their Ooma Office account. All graphs are displayed using the account’s time zone, which you can check by following the instructions in this article.

The following calling metrics are currently available:

  • Call volume trends – A daily summary of major types of calls. Calls in this view can be filtered by type.
  • Call metrics by day of the week – A summary or average of call metrics, broken down by day of the week. All hours of the day are included in this average.
  • Call metrics by hour of the day – A summary or average of call metrics, broken down by three-hour intervals throughout the day. All days of the week are included in this average.
  • Call distribution – A heatmap of call distribution for daily three-hour intervals across each day of the week, where time blocks with higher call counts are given a darker shading than time blocks with lower call counts. This is a combination of call metrics by day of the week and call metrics by hour of the day.
  • Time period – Chose a time range within which to visualize calling data.

Note that this information is aggregated at the account level. At this time, account admins cannot drill down by individual user accounts or filter results by location.

You can find Call Analytics for your account by logging in to as an administrator and navigating to Dashboard -> Analytics -> Calls. Through this interface, you can:

  • Toggle which analytic information you’re visualizing
  • Use the Copy Link button to bookmark a link that will bring you directly back to the report you are viewing
  • Filter your view by call type, like incoming, outgoing, missed, or not connected. Missed calls are incoming calls that were not answered, while not connected calls are outgoing calls that weren’t answered, even by the other party’s voicemail.
  • Filter your view by time range, like today, this week, or this month.
  • Use the ACTIONS menu to download the Call Analytics of your choice as a CSV or a chart.